Kessock Ferry Swim Academy 2023

Posted: Wed 8 Mar 2023
Swim Academy Loch Ness

With the 2023 Kessock Ferry Swim only a few months away, we are delighted to announce the Kessock Ferry Swim Academy 2023!

The Kessock Ferry Swim Academy swimming project is a free-of-charge project for pupils from Inverness High School. They'll receive tuition from an experienced coach who will provide them with a structured swim programme to help prepare these local youngsters for the Kessock Ferry Swim.

Open water swimming can be a daunting prospect. We will ensure that everyone is comfortable, firstly in a swimming pool, then moving to open water swimming when everyone is ready to do so.

All of the children who are taking part are Inverness Highschool pupils, from S3 up to S6.

This is an amazing opportunity to provide young people the support and guidance they need to swim confidently in open water. With an event the scale of Kessock Ferry Swim, it is important to give back to the community and help make the swim a staple of the community once again.

We were recently featured on BBC Alba, discussing the Kessock Ferry Swim Academy 2023.

See the 2023 Academy in action

As Featured on BBC Alba


This programme is generously supported by Seashell who have generously donated towelling robes to ensure our participants warm up quickly after their swims.

The Swim Academy is also supported by Alpkit Foundation who have generously provided vouchers for Àban to purchase wetsuits from their new store in Inverness.