“This is the kind of thing my Dad would have done when he was a kid”

Posted: Fri 26 Nov 2021
Craig Dunain rest break

Here's a short collection of recent quotes from participants and parents. "The sort of thing my Dad would have done when he was a kid" really hits home - what a wonderful way to capture that magic feeling of a childhood spent freely exploring the forests close to home.

“It has really boosted my thirst for the outdoors! My anxiety problem has receded. It used to make interaction difficult. I am more confident in general. Doors have opened allowing me to do more activities like this than before.” Àban holiday camp participant

“It’s a long time since I’ve seen Sophie [name changed] interact with kids her own age in such a positive way. It has definitely helped her confidence." Parent feedback

“I think my daughter has discovered a love for the outdoors. She is looking forward to getting her bike working again. There are very few groups run for teens. I want to thank you for the week she had, she loved every second”. Parent feedback