Holiday camp reviewLooking back on a successful week

Posted: Fri 29 Oct 2021

Kate has written at length on the Adventure Syndicate blog (link here) about the deeper currents that ran through the girls' bikepacking camp. In this shorter post I just want to highlight a few interesting observations from the surface.

Looking ahead to Easter 2022, it's really a case of how to expand. We definitely want to cater for a broader - especially younger - age group, there's no doubt about that. We're going to offer some hill-based activities, and that will almost certainly require the use of a small vehicle. It was super special that we didn't use a vehicle once during the bikepacking camp, but that just isn't realistic for other activities such as hillwalking and rock climbing. So maybe a bit of compromise there, as long as we're not driving miles. Keeping going with girls and boys groups too: there is clearly demand for that based on the feedback received so far. It's an interesting one: in my view so long as there's plenty of socialising in the morning around breakfast, and in the afternoon for soup, then there clearly is an argument for offering boys and girls activity groups, and some mixed groups too.