Posted: Wed 14 Feb 2024

The following FAQs are designed to give busy teaching staff a simple overview of the project. Information will update periodically - please do check back regularly.

If you are a member of school staff attending the residential, please click the link to fill in your consent form

Alladale Teacher's Consent Form
Where will I be sleeping?

For the first three nights, you'll have the choice to sleep in your own tent, or take a bunk bed in a shared dorm inside Deanich Lodge. For the final night, you will be hammocking in beautiful ancient pine woods. An experience to remember!

What are the supervision ratios?

Our maximum group size is 8 pupils for each of our outdoor leaders. It's a 1:8 ratio, with you (the teacher) in addition to that.

What do the pupils need to bring?

Click on the link to view our Alladale Kit List.

Is there anything pupils are not allowed to bring?

Pupils are asked not to bring any expensive or valuable. These can easily be damaged and in any case there is no mobile phone signal at Alladale.

Smoking, vaping, drinking and the use of any recreational drugs are not permitted. This will be highlighted on the parental consent form.

What if one of my group gets ill?

All our staff are trained in outdoor emergency first aid. We have the use of a landline phone at Deanich Lodge, in addition to satellite messaging devices in case of a medical emergency. A 4x4 vehicle will be available 24/7 to take pupils to the public road to be collected if necessary.

How are evening activities organised?

Aban staff will be delivering a full programme of evening activities, some more energetic, some calmer. This will include camp fires, swimming, night walks, movie night, craft workshops and other fun group activities. Pupils will be able to choose activities.

Teachers are encouraged to join in with these activities.

What about safety & risk assessments?

Àban has a duty of care to all pupils whilst they are at Alladale. School staff obviously know pupils well, and we will closely together with you to make sure each day's activity is pitched at the right level for everyone.

Àban is a Highland Council Assured Provider. If you're responsible for filing your school's EVOLVE paperwork, this means that you can select our organisation from a dropdown menu. if you would like further information, all Àban's risk assessments are available to view on request.

Will an Àban member of staff be on site?

Yes, Àban staff will be on site throughout the programme. We will normally have 5 staff present. The team is led by our Outdoor Programme Leader, with 3 instructors plus our Basecamp Manager.