DofE Open Award Group 2023 Intake

Please read all the information below carefully before proceeding!

We ask you to commit to a three hour meeting on the final Monday of every month from August 2023 to June 2024 (excl. December). We meet at the Cameron Youth Centre on Planefield Road, Inverness. Practice expedition is Monday 9th October to Thursday 12th October 2023, with Qualifying expedition Friday 28th June - Tuesday 2nd July 2024. There is no flexibility on the expedition dates and attendance is mandatory. Please check the dates carefully before committing! We cannot offer any alternative expedition dates. Please be aware that the following costs are not included in the expedition fee:

- Public transport to and from the expedition area for the qualifying expedition (we try not to use minibuses).
- Breakfast, packed lunches and snacks during the expedition. We do provide 'boil in the bag' dinners for each night out camping.

Our fees cover two expeditions including all equipment, dinner camping meals plus a total of 10 x 3-hour training sessions. For the first 18 months you're with us you will be mentored through your Gold Award. After your first 18 months (the minimum time to complete the Award) we will continue to provide mentoring and support until your 25th birthday, which is the cut-off for completion of the Gold Award. We make a small admin charge (currently £30) for each additional year that you remain on the programme. You can secure your place now by paying £35 only for the registration fee. You can pay the Expedition Fee instalments by the dates indicated below. If you prefer you can pay either one or both instalments now - just select the 'tickets' you wish. If you choose to pay later we will invoice you before the payment deadlines.

Dates available

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DofE Open Award Group 2023 Intake - Mon 28th Aug - Tue 2nd Jul

General information

Why not enquire about our scholarship programme? Thanks to generous support from The Silverhill Trust, we can offer up to 100% funding. We just require a letter of support from an independent person (e.g. youth worker, Guidance teacher, GP). Please send this to us before filling out this form as we will send you a discount code for use at checkout.