Àban’s Ten Principles

These guide the way we operate.

Strong relationships matter. A few close friendships are worth more than a hundred online followers. Real adventures create lifelong bonds.

We value the person inside, not how you look. Image, fashion and appearance are irrelevant when you’re outdoors. Fresh air, exercise and adventure help us to really flourish.

Place-based learning. The Highlands are not just an arena for our outdoor adventures. We learn about the local environment and care about our local communities.

Local environment first. More distant and remote venues only when learners are ready.

Real adventures don’t cost the earth. We use good quality second hand clothing & equipment, and we teach you how to maintain and repair it. This breaks the cycle of non-stop consumer culture.

We lend a hand. Having time and ability to go on adventures is a privilege. We have a responsibility to help our community in any way we can.

We leave no trace. We will leave our natural environment in a better state than we found it. This includes minimising our digital trace.

Too much risk inhibits learning. Learners need maximum autonomy. Risk & challenge has to increase progressively in line with skills and experience.

Uncertainty. Outcomes need to be dependent on learners’ decisions and actions. Give learners time to accept responsibility and make choices.

Thrills are short term. One-off outdoor adrenaline experiences may be fun but don’t lead to the same deep learning as authentic adventure.

Want to find out more? Our approach to the outdoors is inspired by the excellent work of Simon Beames & Mike Brown at www.adventurouslearning.org and the Outdoor Education programme at www.esms.org.uk